April 15

Patech will attend and demonstrate our study on Refrigerant- Lubricant Mixture in Purdue conference 2021, May 24

Picture was taken at 2018 Purdue conference.


Purdue conference has been held by Ray W. Herrick Laboratories since 1972, this conference focus on Compressor Engineering, Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, and High Performance Buildings. Due to COVID-19 Pandamic, 2020 Purdue conference was postponed to 2021, May 24-27 and will be changed to online, virtual conference.

Patech as a professional refrigeration lubricant supplier will also present our study results on this conference. Please kindly take your time to attend our presentation.

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Patech Presentation Informaion
Time: 2021 May 24 10:00 am-12:00 pm (EDT)

Session: R-01: 13 

Speaker: Jung-Tsung Hung

Topic: Refrigerant- Lubricant Mixture Properties Influencing Bubble Dynamic Parameters and Heat Transfer Coefficient in Nucleate Pool Boiling