April 28

Patech is going to present our new developments on STLE Annual Meeting Orlando on 2022, May 15-19

To highlight and share our technology advancement, Patech will be presenting 2 papers at STLE this year.
If any of these papers are of interest, and your team is unable to attend, we can do a separate webinar. Learn More

May 19 @9am Session 7A
Non-Ferrous Metals 1

Speaker:Ronald Hoogendoorn

Investigation of Lubricity Performance of Self Emulsifying Lubricant for Aluminum MWF by Using Molecular Modelling.


May 19th @9:30am Session 7G
Environmentally Friendly Fluids III

Speaker: Ramesh Navaratnam

Breaking the viscosity Ceiling: Development of Readily Biodegradable High Viscosity EAL Synthetic Base Fluids.